600breezy – 24 bars part 2 歌詞


[verse: 600breezy]
i’m still in the cut with the mop
ain’t a d-mn thing changed, you can get your -ss sparked
since a n-gga rap now, they think i got a change of heart
tryna drive on me and get your whole team parked n-gga
24 bars, b-tch i’m back around
we shoot up n-ggas blocks then come back around
we really smoking sh-t, nah we ain’t jacking clown
tecs with the cooler kit, glizzy, we keep them macs around
b-tch we love that clapping sound, we teed up, so we clapped them down
we still got poles so don’t tweak
team 600 on these blocks yeah my n-ggas play these streets
something like udonis haslem i’ll never leave my heat
we want war f-ck the peace
600 bucking heats
without guns p-ssy n-ggas get defeat
prepare for the defeat
cause i sh-t hot, hit a rap n-gga and his body make his hip hop
walk up clapping like ratchet b-tch flip flops
i’m on some other sh-t
bars straight from the fire, yeah that’s that oven sh-t
b-tch i’m too hot to handle go get your oven mitt
600 more than a gang, yeah them my brothers b-tch
they say i talk this sh-t
but we a get this b-tch shaking like parkinsons
steve drive, l’a gang i’m a part of this
i gave y’all 24 bars, lil n-gga that’s it

- 600breezy