600breezy – 24 bars, pt. 4 歌詞


uh (grrt, grrt grrt)
ayy, i f_ck with this right here n_gga
y’all let that ride out
uh, uh

[verse 1]
you n_ggas really hoes, huh? (hoes)
this pistol on me like a piece of clothes, i’m speakin’ tongues, huh (tongues)
i’m settin’ valiums (ah)
perfect timin’, try public housin’, huh (housin’)
i’m stickin’ d_ck in spouses (spouses)
forties kick like ronda rousey, huh (brrt, brrt, buh)
this might make the album
ar_15 bullets shower (buh)
p_ssies, i devour (ah)
skate through cali like i’m rocket power (rocket power, ya dig?)
i’m s_xing b_tches like i’m austin powers, huh
mojo austin powers
punch as hard deontay wilder, huh (buh, buh, buh, buh, buh)
b_tches from the islands
get up on these long islands, huh
they mad i’m f_ckin’ stylin’
i touch lips like jenner, kylie
b_tch, uh
ayy ho you need to know, huh
this rollie on me cost like forty_four
my pistols look identical, uh
pay my money or get physical, huh
i’m sellin’ bags but i ain’t trader joe
twenty k, i hit this ten or four
metals cl!ckin’ crisper linin’, huh
i’m amg ridin’
back door swing open, you dyin’, huh (brrt)
i’m with young famous
pistol sw_ngin’ picture paintin’, huh
smokin’ thoinky stankin’
iceman, he back and dangerous (i’m back)
i feel like the great, huh (great)
so these n_ggas hate (hate)
jump out wit’ a k (buh, buh)
[?] money that’s a sweepstakes, huh (buh, buh)
ayy b_tch you need to know your wig will fly, this bl!cker blow, huh
bullets fly, they float
this choppa flipper, lil boat, huh (buh)
give a f_ck who like me (ah)
shoot a movie, spike lee (ah)
i’m movin’ food like hot v (hot)
face shots, not ids
rappin’ fire, choppas spittin’
you will need a iv
fifty thousand cash on me
i still rock a white tee (n_ggas)

what they talk about n_gga, huh?
fifty thousand cash on me
i still rock a white tee, n_gga (brrt)
uh (brrt, brrt)
iceman edition sh_t part two, b_tch they know how i’m coming, n_gga, huh (grrt)

- 600breezy