600breezy – new opps (free lil timmy) 歌詞


yeah, n_gga
[?] (yeah, [?])
uh (grrr, bop)
when it’s on, it’s on n_gga, uh
new opps, n_gga (grrr, bop)
look (yeah, n_gga)
this beef sh_t go on forever n_gga (look)

just drunk a pint [?] to hear me talk (huh)
watch how you walk
you got it on your mind, b_tch, we’ll shoot it off (we’ll shoot it off, b_tch)
breezo, b_tch, it’s money in the vault (ah)
hand to hand with salt
still talkin’ sh_t, b_tch, what the f_ck you thought? (f_ck you thought, n_gga?)
n_gga, what they f_ck they thought, n_gga?
still talkin’ my sh_t, n_gga, uh
accidental k!llers (huh), we don’t really feel ’em
matter of time before they smoke that lil’ quando n_gga (matter of time, b_tch)
numba nine, tell ’em free the real rondo, n_gga (ha)
it’s on sight, affiliated, we gon’ spark a n_gga (bop_bop)
let’s switch the topic, n_gga (uh)
’cause they really b_tches (uh)
cancellin’ shows ’cause they know we ain’t got sh_t but switches (grrr)
n_gga, uh, and you can’t duck them b_tches (bop)
my crib look like christmas, pillows in the kitchen (uh)
at 17 i touched a chicken, god as my witness (god as my witness, n_gga)
and this chopper rip through fitness, never leave a witness (bop_bop)
n_gga, chun_li the way this b_tch be kickin’ (bop_bop)
he on vacation with his b_tch, shoot up the finger_l!ckin’ (bop_bop)
i ain’t runnin’ from no shotgun, ain’t no screamin’, “ricky” (nah)
p_ssy ass ho get clapped, chopper size as vicky (huh)
we don’t f_ck with justice, free lil timmy (free that n_gga, man)
free that n_gga, n_gga, so we can, you know? uh
we got our own way to handle things (ha)
sometimes weapons sing
and metal stick to b_tches like a wedding ring (huh)
and these guns came from [?]
they ain’t seen a thing
mack on his way, couple more [?], n_gga
them n_ggas on they way home, n_gga
i had to pause once i said that, though
gang sh_t, n_gga, uh
i be sayin’ what the f_ck i want (huh)
b_tches on ’cause them other n_ggas quiet
what the f_ck y’all thought? (what y’all thought?)
prepare for war with all these guns we got (huh)
ar’s glow in dark, spit it, knock a n_gga generation off (uh)
huh, chop a family tree down with this b_tch, n_gga
uh (bop_bop), look (grr)
i feel like super_man without a kryptonite (uh)
got extra clips tonight
i squeezed it once, but just gon’ hit him twice (bop_bop)
take some good advice (huh)
hideout like bin_laden ’til your time aight
’cause all my n_ggas ride with pipes (grr)
you k!ll one, you gotta k!ll us all (yeah, n_gga)
unity means together, guns divide you lil’ n_ggas cars (bop)
huh, b_tch, we at war, n_gga, you involved (huh)
b_tch, pick a side, n_gga, who with y’all? (f_ck with y’all, n_gga?)
it’s about time n_ggas choose sides with this sh_t, n_gga
just got real, uh
(yeah, [?])

- 600breezy