600breezy – stop playin 歌詞


i gotta talk my sh_t every time before i say somethin’, n_gga, it’s breezo, [?], baby
buck, buck, buck

[verse 1]
drinkin’ out the bottle, bullets hollow
still be in chicago, me, [?] and [?]
i don’t need a murciélago ’cause foe nem fit in tahoes
i’m big, but still’a pop a bigger n_gga, f_ck his [?]
stupid, we start shootin’ while they f_ckin’ lootin’
dumpin’ out the can like cheap ass sushi, flip your f_ckin’ brutus
ridin’, packed the vans with things that flash, but we ain’t f_ckin’ tourists
huh, they like, “breezo, what the f_ck you doin’?”
haha, yeah, n_gga
they like, “breezo, what the f_ck you doin’?”
ballin’ steady, buildin’ stats, but i ain’t f_ckin’ hoopin’
i got some dawg up top the house, but i ain’t talkin’ snoopy

i got that work upstairs, n_gga (it’s in the attic)
they like, breezo, what the, huh (what the f_ck?)
i got some dawg up top the house, and i ain’t, yeah
and we start f_ckin’ shootin’

[verse 2]
i’m a flashy n_gga
shooters with me, i control they arms like they some action figures
dude steady reachin’, tell him chill out, we’ll flash that n_gga
blowin’ out the sack, smokin’ sticky and glue gas gorillas
[?] still blastin’, n_gga
huh, ayy, i need a four of wok’
how you from over there, but can’t go back on your f_ckin’ block?
he slide in this b_tch f_ckin’ hot, sh_t, change that (shhh) [?]
finna beat somebody dead on that f_ckin’ block
huh, n_gga, go pick your homie up, b_tch ass n_gga
huh, them n_ggas dead on that f_ckin’ block
huh, you fat b_tch, them diss songs gon’ get you f_ckin’ shot
you took a few already, next time, your b_tch ass in a box

n_gga, huh
next time, we gon’ really stretch you, n_gga
haha, they end up on that block
huh, n_ggas ain’t gonna be outside or none of that sh_t, stop playin’ with us, n_gga, 600 sh_t, man

- 600breezy