[602] prophet – nostalgic feels 歌詞


been a long time since i talked to ya

tell me how you been how’s your mom doing

think about you when i make music

still play my songs girl i see how you moving

thing about you is that i can’t forget ya

to tell the truth girl i’ve been lost without ya

and i’ve had a couple girls but they ain’t nothing like you

and when i put this out it’s ya my way to write you

where you’ve been at love i’ve been tryna find you

going back and forth between the zone and the bayou

if we’re being honest ya my momma doesn’t like you

but that’s just cuz she don’t know you just i do

word around town you got a man now

it’s ok i know when to stand down

do you i’mma let you play around

and if you got some feelings better say it now

i don’t really like when you hang with your home girls

tеll me love when’s thе last time you had your toes curled

whip you round the city got me feeling chauffeur

say we ain’t the same now i’m just like oh word

right when i thought we was getting closer

you got the nerve to tell me that it’s over

now i got hard time trying to stay sober (d_mn i love you baby)

(g1 to the rescue)
you are a queen cleopatra

you make me feel nostalgia

know that i’m crazy bout ya

i’m feeling lost without ya (2x)

- 602 prophet