606 xae – sneak dissin 歌詞


yeezy drip drop imma tip toe
poe’d up some mo watch me sip slow
i link with the plug down at kimball
now getting money feeling simple
chains on my neck is a symbol
my n_ggas some dogs they some pitbulls
don’t wanna call n_ggas with pistols
they really might come down and get you
make plays but i blow down the whistle
she say alazae you official
why can’t me and my shorties f_ck with you
it’s just because i got trust issues
so baby girl you ain’t the issue
if you trying to f_ck then lemme hit you
hold up lemme smoke for a little
boss meme don’t trust you imma skip you
talking sh_t, imma just diss you
straight up, up front, no sneaking
tip toe in my jays like i’m creeping
don’t wake up my tiger he sleeping
don’t make me wake up my demon
i’m calm but hate getting heated
i get money for many reasons
cuz i give to the people that need it

- 606 xae