607 – clickbait 歌詞


swag is organic my buzz is organic
i don’t f-ck wit the numbers i don’t dry snitch for traffic
n-ggas be stealing that don’t mean i’m lacking
say she gone leave get your bag ho, i’ll pack it

granddaddy used to say shut up that racket
now he in heaven watching me count rackies
i watch his daughter like i’m the dothrakis
ain’t no fedex but i’m tracking your package

syllables so savage my bulletproof got patches i’m looking through my mattress like see what i fount
always play dumb just to peep who gone cheat me you think you just beat me i froze yo account

process up top but her p-ssy team natural
f-ck her to sleep she curled up like a cashew
you told me move i ain’t freeze like no statue
so keep that same energy ho, do what i ask you

strapped at her condo cause she got a n-gga (whoo)
cut my d-ck hair wit his clippers (whoo)
she know she get wrong i’ll bl!ck her
might get a new whip and leave on the sticker

might get a ticket and leave on these n-ggas
i can’t hear yo hating i’m skating through clouds
closer to god but i think like the devil
i wonder who’ll come when i’m under the ground

i done took too many l’s
my n-ggas all just now getting outta jail
i wrote the code on myself
n-ggas can’t read so i shoot til i’m felt

coconut air freshener on the dash
i kept my pills in a skittles bag
struggle on deck how could you get mad?
ran up a check on yo stupid -ss

n-gga i’m cl!ckbait, touch me, sh-t not
gone go, how you think it should’ve went (say)
6 what your boyfriend could’ve been (ooh)
got a aux cord lemme put it in (ay)

you a trap star boy juug then juug then get your dirty mama out the hood then
whip it like a chef boy cook then you was real smart from the outside lookin in

wutnya? (b-tch)
if i was broke it’d still be f-ck ya (b-tch)
gave i ain’t never took nothing (b-tch)
sad part is i still love ya (b-tch x3)

hate you for making me love knowing it’s fraud all in yo heart
now i can see through yo games and nothing can save you not even god

- 607