607 – i plead toxic 歌詞


stand up in the courtroom, yeah i plead toxic
don’t listen to folk who ain’t got sh_t
you just wanna chit chat softer than a sausage
she need a real top shotta in the c_ckpit

told her i’m a god but the broad agnostic
i can turn yo daddy issues to a positive
buy a couple shoots for you, getcha into modeling
but i might ghost if you got poor posture

bullets in your couch, toe crust on your ottoman
bathe or i won’t stay zero tolerance
cooked for me but i’m still hongry as a hostage
eat it with the ice, get her grouchy ass hollerin

stumble to the c_ckpit, queen you a 10
but i can’t sleep cuz we turn a king to a twin
run like a fool from dudes who tell the truth
cuz your life is a lie, a blessing in disguise (for instance)

racists don’t wanna wear mask look at god (look at god) mmh… won’t he do it
she wearin cheap leggins lawd i can see the ass (look at god) mm mm mmh… won’t he do it

i’m nasty like old folks l!ckin they thumb to turn the page
you wanna perform i’ma put you on the stage
catch you in your dorm mothaphuccas gettin hazed
clear my throat judge asked what he say

asylum verse

ask who pleads toxic and i’m raising my hand/
see i can give you testimony without taking the stand/
i ransom hoes crazy now they making demands/before the wheels fall off b_tch i’m trading it in/
we can’t link if you dont understand the chain of command/
direct orders no repeating ain’t no say it again/
all i know is calling audibles and changing the plans/
always ready to come and take you way from your friends/
any given moment, just a pimp component/no avoiding lord’s wrath can’t skip atonement/
small sacrifice to be a part of the following/
plates collect in the sanctuary what you offering/
kind of sinning i be in it dont just wash away/dont worry bout tomorrow, cause you’ll be gone today/
running after no rats, in fact i’m on delay/drop your hoe right back where her momma stay/
step inside smiling, make sure to tell her momma hey/cause later on i’m sending d_ck pics ya mama way/
wait no lying i let it all hang/she see the wood then get invited to the ball game

- 607