607 – mobbin outta lr 歌詞


mobbin outta lr evil ass b_st_rd
yeen in the mix don’t worry bout the cake
n_ggas wanna vape ion know about that sh_t
boy sleep on me set fire to mattress
lil friend face skin stuck to the pillowcase
inbox the opps they’ll tell you what happened
i look my prey in the eye when i penetrate

h_ll naw f_ck y’all ion wanna link
skin doo doo brown and my hat p_ssy pink potna
you not thinker so f_ck what you think

popper on side me i’m rollin like brinks homie
i sent her nun but emojis and winks
she dropped the addy i bink bink bink
then wash the pole in the bathroom sink

while you trippin, takin pictures of progress is just gone juice yo competition
yeen postin what you pitchin, i’m prolly gone come and get some money witcha

back and forth just like a rockin chair c_ck in there knockin air up out her lungs tho
n_ggas salty i survived a pandemic i’m livin livin having fun ho

i give my team _ jewells, loyd they trust me you know i’ma spaz
call me the storm when i get the ball cuz i’ma destroy but you know i’ma pass
gross as a open sore n_gga we scabbin
put out a classic, my number the same
they throw a fit when i’m yikin like thisss
ain’t gone, do a, hoe ass, thang

b_tch i’m a germ in vaccine clothin
tycoon 24/7 we open
these n_ggas always in the backseat smokin
loser they legacy
i’m surrounded by n_ggas wit special needs
if you stan then you cannot compare to me
got no plan so they default to jealousy

check this out tell the police if they k!ll my family f_ck off cuz i will not be settling
this is war now you owe me some blood
can’t protect your whole family at once

i woke up to my neighbor he slow as h_ll
his caretaker was whoopin his goofy ass
til one day he kicked bro in the thote and bailed
i love karma, she real and he can’t get mad_

why you show yo chicken? that made you a target but you let these thotties befriend you
them lil bitty titties on interesting women that’s something you oughta look into
she gone love you right
issa couple types you ain’t had yet
see that skanless yella bone black and yellow phone she don’t never tip her lash tech
but we ain’t never had bad s_x
she be comin up with h_lla plans
while these hoes waitin on the mailman
flip them bundles witcho student loans
i’m cashapp a couple pell grants

toxic pyramid scheme goals, i’ma f_ck ya friends
breakin bread but you get the most
let me tell it that’s a win win

- 607