607 – skyscrapers 歌詞


look like it’s payback season
now all the bullets bought up
all my life i been uneasy
i see the world caught up

i let these mothaf_ckas win a round and they swear to goooood a n_gga fell off

i know they hate me a lot cuz they scr_ping the pot and i’m scr_ping the sky
i got a partner he some like a martyr pull up cuz he waitin to die
deep in the hood youn never see me, so they compare me to aids
12 foot ceilin mote control fan 50k taped to the blades

smell like ammonia it’s got to be in ya not on ya no gimmicks
this ain’t no image, my lane is specific, my pain is terrific
my thinkin wicked i never burn bridges i take out the rivets
one by one my gun
aim, i shot, he spun
fell back choked on his tongue
holes in the body like a sponge
yo cl!ck rats can’t tell where i’m at
blind mice see how they run
im pointin modded rifles at your home, i’m pointin laser beams at the drones
i think this hate bussed through the veins
i feel my heartbeat in my bones (i’m high)

i’m like a jet and this music a trail i’m affectin the masses
after they cremate me don’t give a f_ck what they do wit the ashes
me too movement, i agree, consent before passion
but i must confess she do not get as wet when i do all that askin (mmhmm)
want a baby let’s make some
(but) don’t love me, i’m scum
her backdoor that’s fun
pulsate when she come

why you so reckless? talkin prices on devices hoe get off my phone
n_ggas auditioning for the penitentiary that sh_t i don’t condone

eatin wit traitors no one know that moore than me
so i got to euthanize my dogs foooore we leave
see talkin that gangsta sh_t finna get yo klaaaan murdered
i let regret wash over me then traaaaansfer it
to my enemies my enemies my enemies can’t grow
we got magazines like centipede legs hunnit 30’s hang low
for these parasites got tannerite we blowin up the front do
til my haters die, i’m skyscr_per high

you see my back is wide, b_tch i was made to fly
god let them sn_tch my wings, sometimes i wonder why
my soldiers cheifin high, but now they vaporize
so you won’t see the smoke, it ain’t no takin sides
and we gone laugh and joke, til we duct tape your eyes
can’t stop this with no slogan, ain’t nothin to _n_lyze
stand on yo chestplate wit these mk 44 stand asides
holes got your body cryin, just like i fantasized (i’m high)

- 607