60shotblake – outside 歌詞


gang sh_t, man, 6_0 man, 6 duce sh_t
zoe city sh_t, hey
mafia way, hey, hey

got like 3 to 4 years in my pocket, i’m still outside
back out on me, better not drop your sh_t, you might just die
put a stack out on him, now she wanna open her eyes
smokin’ pressue, lost count of my chicken, d_mn i’m fried
n_ggas sneak diss, i’m grabbin’ the burger, get you fried
had to cut ’em off, ’cause they was f_ck n_ggas in disguise
we take the deed because they shoot before they read your rights
come from where n_ggas throw shade before they get you right
late night insomniac, still fightin’ demons
if you ain’t f_ckin’ with my bag, then we ain’t beefin’
broski told me he was a snake but i just kept sleepin’
make a mess and then she clean it like she house keepin’
when you eatin’ good you make sure you feed all your n_ggas
i can’t trust sh_t, so my back against the wall with n_ggas
you wasn’t shootin’ with me, so how you expect to ball with n_ggas?
caught him loafin’, jumped on the phone, tried to call his n_ggas
i don’t need to fake sh_t i do for no image
if you broke, get off your ass, you better go get it
started off discreet, but now i’m feelin’ prolific
main rule we always live by is no snitchin’
who the f_ck is he?
i’m steady stackin’ coins like i’m at chuck e. cheese
i stay lowkey ’cause i don’t f_ck with n_ggas motives personally
separate myself, i chose to do that purposely
walkin’ on these beats, i almost do that perfectly
60shot, if you ain’t here, then i know your b_tch heard of me
jump up in the booth and i abuse it verbally
i keep st_rdy shooters ’round me, n0body hurtin’ me
shorty said she leavin’, but that sh_t ain’t hurtin’ me
make this sh_t get spooky, it ain’t no worse than me
silly b_tch tryna do [?] now, i remember her [?]
feelin’ like a new boy, got your main b_tch jerkin’ me
off the yurk, and every little thing is irkin’ me
sh_t got a risk, they talkin’ big bread but they ain’t sellin’ sh_t
if it’s 18 then i’ma tax 2_6, backed out on him, he yellin’, “oh sh_t!”

- 60shotblake