610jay – 6.0 歌詞


let’s get this sh-t straight.. 610jay )uh uh you got gain this respect i got my respect man i got a respect any hood n-gga i’m any good i’m trying to get the big pack moving on this big pack i was smoking big lucy’s b-tch moving out big racks i’m trying to get my family on the hills moving the big stack never in the way but i know may ways get these racks i’m trying move it anyway i’m seeing flashy light moving on these flashy lights i’m trying get my p-ss right moving get my racks right if n-ggas move and p-ss you right 2 move get this right move get this mic but might rather might f-ck the b-tch f-ck right if i f-ck her right might hit 2 one night n-ggas got it right

- 610jay