615jay – high chronicles 歌詞


yeah yeah yeah
i said now smoke sum
smoke sum
touch sum
count sum
p-ssy boys don’t want none

verse 1:
yeah it’s real
it’s cut throat
getting money’s all that i know
bumping peso by flacko
a masterpiece by pic-sso
who blessed me with god’s flow
p-ssy boys don’t want smoke
gangster’s license gets revoked
i swear one day
i’ll pose for vogue
young n-gga getting all this money
now b-tch n-ggas tryna take it from me
my rick owens gotta get bl–dy
foreign hoes from across the country
pay a band just to come and hug me
cracking n-ggas like humptie dumptie
pretty n-gga that rolls stanky
still run the night like a vigilante
bad b-tch make her striptease
margielas match my loui v’s
try your best not to scrutinize
i was raised up
in the 615
this brother sh-t
this do or die
don’t get high on your own supply
copped a benz didn’t test drive
n-ggas diss me thats suicide
f-ck them hoes that was two faced
track stars but they run in place
winter time got to lose the snakes
now your girl want to cop a taste
this sh-t’s deeper than a paper plate
if i’m involved then it’s red tape
got rejected so i spent the wraith
chasing bands never hesitate
i’m high as f-ck in my present state
i’m a prophecy this god’s faith
as my t–th gleams
my whole life is like a wet dream
living fast signing double d’s
i’m a pretty n-gga that totes beams
dress fresher than listerine
seats older than a praline
lil n-gga

yeah yeah yeah
i said now smoke sum
smoke sum
touch sum
count sum
p-ssy boys don’t want none

verse 2:
615 this my city
even way before i kept it 150
smoke good and look pretty
money coming so i get greedy
k!ll a n-gga if he touch a penny
make a goofy n-gga look silly
bodies fall like dominos
goodies run like vaminos
throwing shots like rondo
don’t look back is the motto
running wild in saks fifth
make these hoes do a back flip
n-ggas change up
when the money hit
feel a way when you fl!ck the wrist
keep the steal when i take a p-ss
no other side f-ck the nemesis
grow up wanting deceased presidents
getting money is a definite
frisky b-tches want to get a piece
want to blow steam
blind a n-gga with my cuban links
f-cking b-tches in my spare time
make her take off like an airline
she’s yo girl but she’s all mine
then i wine and dine
to the next in line
that fake sh-t
i just don’t condone
almost caught five straight to the dome
brick house so i throw stones
aye aye yeah

- 615jay