616 tryptamine – positions 歌詞


(verse 1)
gucci pants
supreme rag like a taliban
really hitting drags like a pace car
tag team versus still couldn’t be as good as my one bar
i take a big stance, i only meat out the right hand
i need the left for the lean and the right for the beef
don’t talk sh-t get sliced salami hoe

switch it up
bet you don’t wanna go fist to cuffs
shotty my body is acting up
i’m rippled on skin like a reese’s cups
they don’t listen when you speaking up
(bet i buy 2 with givenchy here speaking of)
c’est la vie to my homies
when i said what’s up shalom you ignored me

(main verse 1)
still got nothing but i know my own road
in a cold world with my syrup like a lonely snow cone
mustard pea coat
triple zero
dimpled chick only pay in euros
lost in mindscape
evil exclaim
my pain flame had to hit up iceman like what’s your position
where the prescriptions

(verse 2)
keep me on replay
mind so stuck in a rut what did he say
act up tough luck chucks like a kick break
this a album lil b-tch not a mixtape
say i’m grade a top on your list d-mn right
smoke payday don’t care i p-ss shake
can’t fight like you tried hard but can’t hit weight
lil gup wanna f-ck around meet the big snakes

swallow you whole
my world’s like h-llhole
michigan money blue yellow
just had to let know
20 from tell you can test those
bless boat
really i’m lost with mouthful of dishsoap
slippery my words sl!ck as a red nose
red light chick got her twerk going viral

(main verse 2)
still need to let go but i’m still just lost with a clock and a cellphone
almost got robbed by a pimp and redbone
crack to a hoe with the skin like a dirt road
i got eyes like a crocodiles skin tone
turned a blind eye maybe once not twice slatt
me and my mans gonna need the f-cking bread back
i need your positions
sharks off molly round the boat and they swimming
matter fact i’ma go fishing
catch me a thot now

michael myer image
i got 2 rounds gotta go wilson
moves on opp got him half step tilting
really drinking vodka down with my clique then
den of thieves and crook
slimy with the hook
try to rip me then you gonna see the book
dead is where i look dead is where i sleep

- 616 tryptamine