616mc$ – best friend 歌詞


[verse 1: 616 daley]
sipping on red lean
acting like a dope fiend
i’m just with my best friend
smoking on chronic
got a rock hard d_ck f_cking on you girlfriend
you don’t wanna fight me
walking down my street
riding with my whole team
making my sh_t fly
squeeze it like fresh lime
cook that sh_t with tryptamine

no we got no sleep
no way
but we still right here today
if you want smoke then come and play
sprinkler light ya up b_tch this spray

no way
no way
like whiz kk all day
wait till it hit my brain
then i’ll just go insane

yeah this might be the one
sp_ceship straight to the sun
d_mn, sh_t got too hot
i had to hit that block
ice apparel that’s what i rock
cuz we all headed straight to the top
me and my best friend we ball like shaq and kobe
off the pills we might just might just trip and od

i’m just balling out like kobe
4th quarter
sweating in the cut like gin0bili
obi, ken0bi
on the message
to leiah, translate and rescue, that sh_t

[verse 2: 616mc$]
and i’m chilling with my best friend
popping off with that smith & wesson
yeah i’m like wesley, in lethal weapon
yeah my mind move crowds, like eleven

[verse 3: viceroy tryp]
yeah she lovely, yeah yeah
she in love with me, yeah yeah
f_ck the history, yeah yeah
present’s what i see, yeah, yeah yeah

big d_ck, saber on ken0bi
(saber on ken0bi)
straight hit, stick up there with stoney
(yeah i’m really stoned)
bad sh_t, f_cking with my croanies
(help me love my croanies)
y’all ain’t sl!ck, style ain’t fresh it’s moldy

- 616mc