637godwin – 637 interlude 歌詞


(saba you so icy)
im flying high like a chopper, aye
i been out here cooking n-ggas, pasta, aye
smoking on a blunt like a rasta
doppelganger sh-t caught you lookin like impostor
dying slow might just put me in a hostal
got me drugged up don’t be surprised if i’m hostile
you a basic -ss b-tch probably shop at aeropostale
637 sh-t make the whole gang pull
maybe one day ill leave the hole

maybe one day yah, i been out here rolling with the gang yah
637 sh-t yea the crew, squad
maybe i can make it, maybe i can make it out
brown in my ice sheet froze
brown in my ice sheet, doors
made me want some more
love her, don’t trust these wh0r-s
yuh, ride me
she gon wanna f-ck around and sign me
637, design things
637 she dont want no
637 she gon be a


- 637godwin