637godwin – bottles 歌詞


shoot my shot like a f-cking heat seeker
off of the molly and the c0ke she a keeper
know i really love her but no, i don’t need her
know it sounds bad but i never wanna leave her, yea
i been in my bag for a long long time
i’m going down the road its a long long ride
and the only won i want is you, my side
we gon split this sh-t up like it was apartheid

[verse 1]
yea ill beat a n-gga -ss up, straight mai thai
alt-tude 2000 to look up when i fly by
50k on my wrist i’m way too cold
drugs in my backpack, they were copped and sold
and i might f-ck a b-tch if shes young or old
experience is key, or so i’m told
oh wait (oh wait), i might cop me a wraith one day (one day)
when i’m flying down the f-cking highway
and don’t step up to me your not the n-gga i know
godwin, ag, his flow too cold aye
watch out, you get maced out
that’s a lot of talk aye b-tch bring your racks out
went to brazil chillin with supermodels
bacardi in my safe, half bottle
hit the peddle going straight full throttle
and she hit the walk of shame, she waddle
in my bag now, left her in the past
i’m going too fast, i hope i don’t crash
i wear her round my body like a f-cking sash
down three cups of bang, birthday bash


[verse 2]
my, bag i been in it for a minute
look at my, -ss cuz cheif versace on my linen
me and yo girl in her bedroom pettin her kitten
give me one night and ill have her -ss submitting
came out with the glock, told her that i walk um
facing all these percies back to back until i go dumb
n-gga why you flexing uh, you know that you want some
hit em with the left, then the right, then his heart gon stop
.40 when we bang, whole thing pops
ive been sipping bang, no soda bop
ive been chillin in the tahoe, gettin top
and n-gga that’s not your hoe, please stop
and i know she diffrent colors call her scarlet macaw
and my dad always told me ball till i fall
ball till i
ball till i
ball till i


- 637godwin