637godwin – juice wrld clone* 歌詞


lyrics from snippet

sorry i ain’t playing your games, lil hoe
f_cking on a bad b_tch, groupie hoe
imma send you to the road, see you later
i’ve been steady pulling hoes like tow mater
[?], n_gga i snap like an alligator
and these n_ggas online be a bunch of haters
they said, “juice wrld clone, juice wrld clone”
lately boy, it’s your b_tch i bone
and i’m getting h_lla money
n_ggas think that this sh_t funny
i just hop onto the mic like the d_mn easter bunny
i’ve been running for the summit
n_gga i won’t fall, i will never ever plummet
what would you do for me while i’m stеady counting green
you know i [?], it’s a daily thing
and i’m married to money but i don’t need no ring
she wanna buy nicе things
sorry i ain’t playing your games, lil hoe

whatchu do for me
i’ve been getting cheese

- 637godwin