637godwin – rags n shit 歌詞


(oh my god jug.)

i went from rags to riches
i’m swiping these b-tches you don’t even know
gas pack, riding round on the low
b-tch be sweet, f-cking alamo
riding round dirty, old town road
givenchy all on my gold
to live like star, don’t let go
that’s the only way that i know

[verse 1]
lets get something straight, cuz i’m only bought the business, i
gotta put food right on my plate
f-cking two hoes at the same time
lemon corona, with no lime
had to chase a bag, had to decide
that middleton gang with tiger pride
if i spend a rack, then she might slide


[verse 2]
shoot em with a laser beam, had to cop some new supreme
nice whip, but i’m mean
that b-tch f-ckin with the team
mom said get it straight cuz you know i’m going to college
i had to procure some of that knowledge
had to put racks in my wallet (ay gang)


- 637godwin