637godwin – rewind 歌詞


when i look at the clock yeah, it turns back time
i’m waiting for the day when she’ll be all mine
every things in my way, enemy to man kind
speeding too fast think i might get a fine

like “baby oh no” when i got slow mo
off the xans, when i go slow, oh
she a bad little bitty and she finna deep throat
in three more years ill be in davy jones’ locker i know
iced out feeling so dam, cold
not close to my girl i’m losing, hope
made a deal with the devil, so i’m sold
mole house on the hill covered with mold
keep my demons in the closet i don’t let them go
if i let them free its my end i know
so i keep my sh-t tight, and my b-tch right
f-ck all my opps i don’t need an alibi
going out cl-ssy, with a suit and tie
eating at subway yuh, ham on rye


- 637godwin