645ar – out da planet 歌詞


sink or swim, and i swim

ay, ay, gettin’ money, they can’t stand it
b-tches call my phone, godd-mn
i’m havin’ racks, d-mn
you ain’t talkin’ money, don’t understand him
d-mn, my racks they out the planet
jackson gon be just like jammin’
free style, he twistin’ them fingers
i’m juggin’ out wit’ the gangsters
n-ggas ain’t true, they w-nksters
on [?] it get dangerous
(yeah, these n-ggas p-ssy, aight)
‘von came wit’ the hoes
yeah, lil’ b-tch give me scope
i’m off a perc’, she know how that goes
these n-ggas goofy, what’s that red sh-t on your nose?
goofy n-ggas made that juggin’ easy, and that’s just how it goes (turn up, turn up)
these n-ggas they livin’ through wifi
n-gga want beef he go bye-bye
yeah, on the land it get spooky like sci-fi

- 645ar