645ar – skitz 歌詞


(ayo, turn this up swvsh)
sink or swim and i swim b-tch
turn up

i see them racks and go stupid
it’s about a check, i just do it
dollar sign n-gga, i ain’t human
it’s about a check, you know that i’m zoomin’
get to it fast
y’all n-ggas broke, y’all comin’ in last
n-gga want beef, he get left in the past
jwitdabeam, you know he gon’ blast
just left the bank, i had a blast
i remember them days i was down on my -ss
i went skitz for the cash, yeah, i went skitz for the riches
y’all can’t do that, y’all n-ggas b-tches
i’m official, n-gga, i don’t need a cosign
run to the check, you know i need mine
ice in my mouth, you know they gon’ shine
my hoe po’ up, don’t do the wine
run that sh-t back just like it’s vine
my hoe po’ up, don’t do the wine
it’s about racks, you know i got time
i got work full-time
she see them racks and she drool
don’t touch the sauce, number one rule
i need some money, y’all wanna be cool
smokin’ on gas, i fuel

- 645ar