645ar – wait! 歌詞


[verse 1: 10kdunkin]
i run to the money, i walk in the bank
got a 10 on my face and a .9 on my waist
y’all ain’t runnin’ sh-t, y’all just runnin’ in place
we sped up the pace, now he tellin’ us, “wait”

[verse 2: blahkaah]
i call up the plug, i’m gettin’ impatient
smokin’ on gas and it’s not from the station
kick that lil’ b-tch, she say it’s amazin’
this a headshot, i gave him a facelift

[verse 3: young tevo]
i bring my leg in that bih like baser
bodyslam b-tches like the undertaker
good on them loans, and i don’t need no favors
n-ggas be broke, they ain’t gettin’ no paper

[verse 4: 645ar]
lil’ broke, and he ain’t gettin’ no paper
i ball on these n-ggas like lakers
my racks they big like some acres
what would you do for the paper? (what would you do? what would you do for the paper? dayday in this b-tch)
i don’t wanna keep her, i cannot save her (i cannot save that b-tch)

[verse 5: pmar]
ay, ay, three plus two equals one, on some dumb sh-t
pull up on me and i’m bringin’ a dumb clip
all of you n-ggas is p-ssy, you know this
tryin’ the gang, and you know that we poke it

[interlude: robolu]
f-ck a n-gga mean, man? f-ck a n-gga talkin’ ’bout, man? we gon’ turn up at every show, 50 deep at every show, that’s right too, gl!cks on us at every show. gl!cked up. f-ck a n-gga mean? on a b-tch and her boyfriend. datway. yeah, that’s on a b-tch and her boyfriend, i put that on my dead hunnits like 10k said. what else. what 10k say? stupid lil’ b-tch. bitty b-tch. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ay

[verse 6: robolu]
huh, hit ’em wit’ it
cappin’ off his head like a f-ckin’ fitted
yeah, huh, headshots
talkin’ down on gang, you a dead guy
i was wit’ a red b-tch, floatin’ on the red eye
ay, pop perc’ 10, that’s a headlock
i’ma eye it out, n-gga, i don’t need a baby bottle
i was on the red hi-tech, n-gga gettin’ swallowed

- 645ar