64k – awesome:we … shot this! 歌詞


[verse 1: gstar, jp, ice tray, gstar, jp & ice tray]
off of the monitor and onto your stage
we’re live in the flesh and we’re bringin’ the rage
we’re breathin’ out fire and our quality’s tight
live at the fringe on a wednesday night
knock knock
who’s there?
it’s 64k
gstar, jp, and our man ice tray
a c64 is our only dj
and we’re reppin’ this show ‘cuz it’s a dope ass play
my name’s jp and i’m the yoda of rhyme
do or do not, my beats’ll serve my time
for the crime, my bounty’s high, even for metroid prime
though when the hunter brings me in she’ll find there is no try
i’m ice tray, b_tches, and i’m here to stay
for the play and every day we gonna blow you away
i’m leet, they say, even for 64k
and i may stay to play even past my birthday
gstar, getting far on the loadingready radar
i rhyme sublime and i’m shoutin’ out to homestar
i don’t play drums or an electric guitar
but i pimp beats fresher than xibit pimps cars
our poise and dramatic flair are astronomical
i can’t think of a good rhyme for astronomical
that’s kinda weak dude
i’m sorry i know
let’s cut to the hook so we can restart the flow
[verse 2: gstar, jp, ice tray, gstar, jp & ice tray]
all around the town the hype is abounding
all about a show whose sound it’s astounding
never past due, never veerin’ off the mission
clever to a point past the price of admission
the loadingready crew has been slaving for weeks
and also playin’ wow and ds lite ’cause it’s chic
and also d&d and sometimes oblivion
dota and burnout while talking on trillian
i’m not gonna pretend we’re always on task
we’re white, we’re lazy, our initiative’s ass
but still our jokes pass, in fact, they kick ass
they out and outclass each and every impasse
ice tray, gstar and the electric jp
redefine the rhymes of most dope mcs
and loadingreadylive!’s set to do the same
to each and every show that ours makes look lame
we set aflame the stage, and ignite the script page
not afraid to engage, either calm or enraged
our message is aged and it won’t be assuaged
it’s not war we wage, but a dramatic rampage
we’re bringing down the house from doors to proscenium
and sorry guys but i screwed up the rhyme again
man what is with you? your beats are all g_y
don’t use that word as a pejorative! ‘kay
we’re almost done now, just one more verse
next time, make note, we need to write and rehe_rs_
[verse 3: gstar, jp, ice tray, gstar, jp & ice tray]
we droppin’ out verse just like will shakespeare
gonna get paid, ’cause our rhymes are out the stratosphere
we know tonight’s show is gonna blow off ya faces
put beckett and stoppard back in their places
arthur miller is filler, caryl, churchill take a number
oscar wilde, we’re earnest while in death do you slumber
not even eddie albie can match our styles
we’re mixing oleanna with a dose of buried child
got 6_point_4k psychosis on our minds
and our lines aren’t mighty, they’re explosive land mines
so let’s get it on, let’s get the show started
dude you had more lines, what are you, r_t_rded?
i find that offensive
yeah man, that’s just rude
well come on, he started it
dude, lose the ‘tude
there might be people here who find that word offensive
woah, calm down!
now don’t get defensive!
what? i’m not defensive
there you go again!
i’ll mess you up, bro!
c’mon, bring the pain!
we gotta throw down backstage for a while
we’ll settle this like men, street fighter style
ken, ryu, i guess i’m chun_li
enjoy the show, folks, in one, two, three!
[outro: gstar, jp, ice tray, gstar, jp & ice tray]
what, what, what, what, what, what, what
what, what, what, what, what, what, what
i thought you…
no no, i’m asking you, that’s why_i thought you knew why
oh, oh, i thought it was a rhetorical question
(woo! yeah! loadingreadylive!)

- 64k