64k – those games we played 歌詞


[intro: core unit, gstar]
hey wassup, you’ve reached coreunit. if your message doesn’t end in bling or b_tches, don’t bother leavin’ one
hey, yo, what up c, it’s your boy, gstar. come on, pick up the phone. pick up the phone, man, we know you’re there, talk to us. core? core!

[verse 1: jp, ice tray]
once we were suppose to be leet
rappin’ bout commodores, pretendin’ to be street
but what’s underneath? we claim to pack heat
but it’s loss that makes 64 complete
though we claim to know rightly
claim we’re the ones that beat bosses nightly
but inside we’re just wound so tightly
and our success, you know, it hasn’t come lightly
sometimes i wonder what he would say, if he were here
i wonder if he’d forgive us, all the years
that we scoffed at his fears, his eyes filled with tears
as we popped in a disc to bring on the cheers
and it sears in my chest when i think what we’ve done
with the four of us together, what we could’ve become
there’s a place and a time to put down the lightgun
coreunit’s game was over before it even begun. tray!
we knew it was a dangerous thing
we thought we were safe, we thought we were kings, immune
we imagined like sonic with rings
we could take one hit and not feel a thing
and we could, but not core, no he got himself lost
down a fat green warp pipe he found himself tossed away
cause we played not knowing the cost
till he crashed and burned out in a trail of exhaust
[chorus: tmai]
all those games that we played
all those games that we played

[verse 2: ice tray, gstar]
began to act suspicious when he went to the store
brown paper bags began to walk in the door
his girl’s on the phone, throat raspy and sore
sayin’ “where’s core gone, i don’t know him anymore!”
and still we did nothin’, just played super smash
he stopped goin’ to work, started bummin’ for cash
we thought he’s just playin’, he’ll be back in a flash
but really we were playin’, we let our bro crash
core was the man who penned 60’s first rhymes
he mixed all the beats, and he helped us keep time
he was our bro, but when he started crossin’ the lines
we didn’t try to stop him, didn’t act on the signs
flat on his back, eyes bloodshot and rolling
panic_stricken face, beyond all consoling
hands feelin’ shaky, his mind not controlling
and still he needs a fix, he’s desperate and trolling
let him fall in with the wrong type of crew
hustlers and gangsters lookin’ for their due
never once admitting everything that we knew
we hid behind shades, obscured our own view
never knew, never thought, he was so close to the end
we didn’t realize that he was roundin’ a bend
and soon he would be gone, we just tried to pretend
that it was all okay, and we lost a true friend
[chorus: tmai]
all those games that we played
all those games that we played

[verse 3: ice tray, gstar, jp]
it was dark on the night that we went to his room
we knew that if we waited that the end would come soon
we wanted to help, but didn’t know what to do
he was so far gone we thought for sure he was doomed
to be another stat on the six o’clock news
another mc torn apart by his booze
we didn’t want that, weren’t gonna let c lose
we kicked in his door to bring him back to his crew
he sat in the chair, frame still as in death
his body thin, anemic, and hunger on his breath
a headset on his face, volume making him deaf
and a dragonkin instance in the burning steppes
he didn’t look up, stayed glued to the screen
acne on his face, sweat congealing in beads
his laundry on the floor, and on his body, unclean
we pulled the plug on him and he started to scream
that we were done, he was over with our cr_p quartet
that we’d stopped him from completing his new frostfire set
we were noobs, unlike his new friends on the net
that he’d face pull our moms and slash_dance ’em with a s.n.e.s.
that was it, when we checked the next day he was gone
our brightest star burned out before his very first dawn
if only we’d been there to take his problems head on
we’d still have our bro, now all we’ve got is this song
[chorus: tmai]
all those games that we played
all those games that we played

- 64k