666chainz & glitter prince$ – debut 歌詞


[chorus: 666chainz]
we be smoking on a dutch, prince$$ got the drugs in clutch
so if you don’t give a f_ck, let us slide through
we be smoking on that gas, gettin’ high up to the max
and we poppin’ all them tags, this our debut
eating all your fondue, while i’m getting a tattoo
cause i think that i’m cool, like an ice cube
this song will burst you to flames, not gonna name any names
but, i’m sick of the games that you put me through

[verse: glitter prince$$]
everybody knows how the f_cking games go
yeah, we smoke a lot of weed and maybe do a little blow
everybody knows how we got the bands though
even better, smoke somе more and make some good monеy too
n0body f_ck with us or we gonna f_ck you up
not just me by myself, i’ll have my crew with me too
don’t think twice, take this advice
me and my crew ain’t always this nice

- 666chainz glitter prince