666fuckthecops – blase 歌詞


goth b-tches on my d-ck
thats that sucka sh-t
dont talk to me motherf-cker
i aint tryna hear that sh-t yo
emo on my neck
emo on my f-ckin wrist
emo clique be packin techs
now we smack that b-tch
i went from nothing to golden
i found this bike and i stole it
i went from homeless to mansions to cities projects and rovers
i want that west coast east coast down south gang sh-t
forks up wh0r-s down
b-tch we reppin satan
dead inside
dead all up in my own mind
dead is all i ever knew
i just wanna f-ckin die
so i can slap this b-tch man right in her face
tell her give me back my soul after all this heartbreak

- 666fuckthecops