666fuckthecops – emo on my neck emo on my wrist 歌詞


yeah, baby, very rare, members only, yeah, baby
i’m with ryan santan in the motherf_ckin’ booth, yeah, baby
i got blood on my boots, yeah, baby (gang, gang, gang)
yeah, baby, throw that ass back on a tricycle, baby, yeah (ayy, ayy)

twelve b_tches on my d_ck
that’s that sucker sh_t
don’t talk to me, motherf_cker
i ain’t tryna hear that sh_t, yo
emo on my neck
emo on my f_cking wrist
emo clique be packin’ tec’s
now we smack that b_tch
i went from nothing to golden
i found his bike and i stole it
i went from homeless to mansions
to city projects and rovers
i want that west coast
east coast
down south
gang sh_t
forks up
wh0res stop
b_tch we reppin’ satan
dead inside
dead all up in my own mind
dеad is all i ever knew
i just wanna f_cking diе
so i can slap this b_tch ass right in her face
tell her give me back my soul
after all this heart break

- 666fuckthecops