666fuckthecops – you’re thinking too much stop it 歌詞


[intro: shiloh dynasty]
would you be my baby (no) if i had the money? (oh)
would that make you love me? no
would that make you love me? oh

[verse: 666f_ckthecops]
who that b_tch that you [?], yuh
he don’t f_ck you like this [?]
no, i’m everything you not, [?]
know i got you pretty p_ssed, girl
what’s gonna happen when you break up
that’s a pretty big f_ckin’ twist, girl
keep putting on that makeup
while i’m drownin’ in these big [?]
[?] sees me
make her knees shake and [?]
know she think about me almost everyday

- 666fuckthecops