666killradio – copper 歌詞


drinking and i’m robbing ramen on the microphone
do it everyday when i’m all alone (b_tch)
shipped a package and ate your home
this the ted bundy with the freshest gloves
take a cent, what you f_cking know
[?] taste my dna, disappear to cia
took a f_cking tab now i’m in my ay
rescued by [?] but your mouth surprised
ain’t a tummy hot ram
f_ck a [?] a

b_tch i look like ashton kutcher, and you look like jon cryer
all the words i write are fire, like my bad intention crier
but i could not pr_nounce it correctly so i had to hire
someone that could say it all without getting so f_cking tired
but i ended up finding that person inside up all your brains
now we both see it here chilling in my f_cking lane
[?] welp, he said “that’s okay, i like your sh_t boy, i’m here to stay”and he could believe it every time b_tch

- 666killradio