666nomiracles – heartbreaker (interlude) 歌詞


f-ck the positivity bad vibes forever
said you f-ckin love me
did you remember
yalright shawty
why you playin
i was only your lovely freetime f-ck on the weeknd
but well, we had that one beauty relation
now im doing stuff like money p-ssy vacation
but girl, you always told me patience
my momma always told me it was timewaisting

your girl loves my foreplays
spread out her soft legs
p-ssy wet wet… right issa faxx
french kiss and s-x
it always takes my stress
dawgs really hatin cause’ i feel blessed
right i’m boss up shawty so why you stepping thru
i don’t need those girls right im in love with you
so why you keep cryin’ screamin’ “i hate you”
just f-cked your bestie, is that against the rules ?

- 666nomiracles