66solace – untitled 3 歌詞


i want the cash
i gotta get to the cash
i ain’t been talking about cash
i ain’t even talking about money
i do not have enough money
girl do not f_ck with my money
you cannot f_ck with my mind
i’ve been approaching divine
asking the lord for a sign
living this life is it mine
i do this sh_t without trying
this is a subtle design
i’m tryna mess with your mind
slow down lil girl take your time
girl you too kind
she just be lending me mind
how am i feeling i’m fine
feel like i’m president obama
move away with all the drama
look at the flora the fauna
character built through the trauma
i have been living off mana
all that i wear is designer
i’m on a trip to nirvana
hopeless to call out hosana
admire osama
went through this sh_t couldn’t copе
broke n_gga doing the most
i have been carrying a host
don’t trip i call that a tropе
careful of who you devote
i’ll leave the body a corpse
i am not human i’m morph
different i come from the source

- 66solace