67 – daily duppy 歌詞


[intro: dimzy]
jump  out gang
c rose
sloski, asap, marrol, r6 rocko pullup aitch scribz

[verse 1: dimzy]
bro  just love that dots tryna sneeze that twice like hatching hatching
i  swear that if i even catch you i’ll slap you the doctor’s gonna haffi patch you
drillas on deck and are ready to slap you
get  no names out there tryna pack you
if you get hit with this corn, you’re gonna be stiff and still like a statue
fly like a baby get money daily
d-ck game make the peng tings go crazy
they’re  sayin’ that my lingo’s different and i say it’s all calm but the fans go crazy
a violation how the mandem slide in firin’ spazzin’ out crazy
now they got most of my team in the can
joke ting they made me lonely and laid me
most of these gyals wanna date me bait me when it don’t work they get facety
they keep puttin’ us in the headlines cah the feds who just wanna shame me
we’ve been doin’ jump out gang way before man’s had it for stacey
so why’d you eediats think you can talk this w-ss you man are lazy
i’ve been out ‘ere with a .137 when the 159 was open
broad day with kitchen’s out, me and no names out doin’ soakins
fam tryna make some money but still got problems that need some solvin’
bro said he got enough problems i think its time to lean and roast him
the kind that i’m smokin is sweet filled, spark that first thing up in the morning
feds done a sweep didn’t give us a warning
someone got bopped didn’t give them a warning
still hear w-ss, and it’s boring man now man’s yawnin’
we can handle on tops when we chinged and broski f-ckin’ floored him
you ain’t had a 44 in the ride when broski’s f-ckin’ corned him
you ain’t had your blade dirty, dripping cause you pored him
try and get rich today, if it don’t work i’ll do it next morning
i like when business runs smooth, i ain’t really into postponin’
i’m tryna get some millions of pounds but right now f-ckin’ about with some thousands
60s pull up, fry him or drown him, spinners and rambos out no clownin
and the dots, that’s cookin’ smoke that’s another one left like a fountain
he drownin,’ he’s drownin,’ splash down left on the floor like he’s loungin’
man’s out ere graspin’ daily sweep, watchin’ the racks ’cause i’m out ere
and dogs that be barkin’ and bitin,’ but chewin’ more than howlin’
44 kicks off 30, i like the way that one sounded
we’re really tryna scratch man live, straight to the point, we ain’t goin’ round it
when i’m on the graft all over the map, you know i need my paper fast and fat
jail got the boys in blue on my back ruined my plan now man need new plan
still got beef with these yutes still fryin’ dem down man’s gonna flip that plan
dem man capped and screamed no cap, how much time did it spin, spin like a f-ckin’ fan
i need me a b-tch like indian love i need me a slip that comes with a drum
i like ap’s but i want me a richard mille, that’s a big man’s watch
peng ting tryna do wine and pots full of dark some drink and cops done caught them tryna sell nuff for guns
me being broke that was me in the past
been dere with a plug that was me in the past
i work too hard i wish i could starve
got daytime graft to late night graft
hoes on the case wanna come to the yard, tryna take of pants tryna take off bras
but a n-gga like me don’t trust no b-tch, so we do it in hotel then man’s gotta dart

[intro: sj]
daily duppy
sp-wn chigga out real soon
free all da mandem

[verse 2: sj]
hooded jacket leather gloves
gon’ ching your two man in 4 minutes, what you tellin’ me cuz
i don’t get easily p-ssed my list is long gon’ show man up
no suspects gon’ trip him drip him scrim he’s been there ’nuff
try callin’ mental’s bluff, he’s mental for real he’ll ching man up
he a 6 + 4 like digga tell out the nizz it was me and spinner
or 2 with a 12 outside man’s b-tchin’ to blow man’s face through his window
yeah white tee back man for the summer
got canada goose for the winter
with 4s and 6s don’t you be on the hitlist
hey nosey neighbours mans pullin’ up just mind your business
and hey just come to the district, murder d and leave no witness
they know the mandem’s got big bags man’s doin’ up father christmas
man’s stay pullin’ up on badness, but first i draw on a canvas
i was makin’ kush in the re-up, you was out with your gyal gettin’ plastered
got clay pigeon’s shot in practice, when the disc is light man’s dartin’
i hate doin’ up 2 ls when no one’s der that’s f-ckin’ jardin’
packs like duppy daily
we roll like meek, man’s got issues so don’t scream ‘save me’
was it us who did it? maybe, don’t act like everything’s gravy
20 pile knock your gyal off brazy
loud ting movin’ like light in the 80s
eggs get cracked, dons get fried, food gets eaten
man’s been pullin’ for takeaway got little bro doin’ up uber eats
if you stick around you can’t see the flex
if she come’s around she can’t give man neck
give a messy leg she can’t intercept
she’d better pattern up before i do her friends
hold up mate, they couldn’t be chattin’
6 of us dates been holdin’weight from boo
can’t move dhfd been gettin’ shaved
jerk and pistol sdkjfh get blazed
bring on the c, bring on the 8
bring on the w dust 1 7 add 20 to that
man’s on 2 2 manna 30 up that with my 67 goons
man’s on the nawf doin’ mank and sk-nk, evan and eddie
walk the plank, vip settings, sparkin’ time
the teeny likkle ting just arched her back cause her bruv in jail tryna go up in her lap
67 salute for the jump out gang (bow, bow, bow)

- 67