67 – danger hill 歌詞


intro: ld

verse 1: ak
i’m a g, i can’t get g checked
in the party i step, barbies get wet
i ain’t seen brodie in a sec, what the heck
why you think i hate the mek
i don’t live my life of regrets
no regrets, open chest
vio, no no, i can’t accept
hand tings get pressed if you’re on my set

verse 2: monkey
4 quid in a day, man haffi invest that
stretch that
if my phone ain’t on i’m bored
i phone up bro tryna slap out headbacks
normal day if you see us in jet black
but if you ever see me with the gang
dressed like chance, rudeboy you best get back, get back

verse 3: dimzy
i love a glock, dots or the fours
but i might dinner date with a pr
shouts out bro, hes a 60s gleer
no facemask on, he’ll dm peter
they know who we are, wouldn’t wanna be ya
dun make the waps dem sing like aliyah
we the man, roll like north korea
leave me alone, let me sort my career
verse 4: dopesmoke
are you taking the p_ss?
of course i’m trying
why you think half of my batch on the wing
age don’t matter when you’re in them vids
you can still get chinged for runnin’ them lips
to sh_t, he shot and missed
fill up the dings, lets take a trip
and we’re coming equipped

verse 5: silent
come round here, and were going back round
no doughts, guarantee i’m tryna make them drown
talking a lot while i sort my sounds
it’s all fun and games till we get them down
clocked my grey jumper and pounced
got me swinging here now or you might hear bow bow bow
do it and bounce
yeah we do it in ___ and we do it in ___

verse 6: dimzy
my aqua the best he’s smokey
but he gets devious with that cutter
2 waps up on smoke, thats smoked
and came in a duo and got down ___
donna kebab when we got down ___
tapped that blade and spread his flesh like b_tter
think you’re bad in that f_ck off jacket
man will come round there and ruin that puffer
verse 7: jigga
we was on the ends, but the back bit
testing out buyers that we got for the mac clip
in the parkside everyone’s active
real n_gga flew, everyone’s contracted
that’s on my head, not right i move sick
just to do me a mad ting
with the 9mms to a backflip
or the .442 like a tactic

verse 8: monkey
more packs pending
rolled up a 41 when i heard about ___
don’t get caught by the guys on the ride
cause you might just end up trending
had your name in your bro bro’s mentions or bio
you know the gangdem can’t sleep on a vio

verse 9: silent
this ___ yutes must hate it
all their taking is ls
they tried drill it and failed
next week gang gang my man to h_ll
this is real life, i ain’t telling no tales
i’ve been sitting in jail said time would tell
remand for an m, i didn’t get no bail
i know i ain’t telling no tales
verse 10: dopesmoke
i got a leng one called rita
i’m feeling the aura but her attitude stinks
hop in the dings and swing, ching
any opp i catch might swim
___ come dead like ___
bros to reckless, i swear he don’t think
and if ___ boys are miserable
why can we put ___ in a spliff

verse 11: jigga
yard man told me haffi easy
i ain’t never been no tea leaf
and ya can’t tek mans tings like dv
but f_ck it lets be cheeky
cah i swear bro bro put a 12 in his face
cause his eye wanders like stevie
and the next man wanna put corn on the man
and his relative was doing my gg

verse 12: ak
held two in his back
it was a double tap
he didn’t get to do one lap
this is real rap, no cap, straight up facts
bad man don’t take backchat
if you ain’t with the gang you could get backstrapped
r6 on the ride coming like a satnav
we just spotted some guys its about to get mad

- 67