67 – hill life 歌詞


{verse 1: scribz}
its from the heart its real
love my brothers that be repping the hill
new park, osg you know my set be real
lost ziggy to the roads. young m to the jails
and i swear it hurt when they gave tg six for real
i ain’t trying to let no stress build, i pack my weed in e and j with my long nose steel (my 44)
then i lose all the stress through the weed smoke
my hearts broke cause they got me screaming out free ghost
i’ve always got that piff when i’m miserable
i see tg, but he ain’t even visible
to me i go hard i’m a sick individual (i go hard)
one unity, you know we keep that sh-t to a minimal
let me tell you about my little homie m8
skatty with the 32 and aggy with the ma
(f-cking h-ll my brudda)
and if you come for my stack then he be shooting like we bait (shoot)
sitting there leaning, piffing on the cheese. screaming “f-ck feds” they keep taking all my g’s
plus i got these dumb pr-cks scheming on my p’s
got a bag a man p-ssed they be plotting on a g
well if they’re coming better do it properly
got a big forty four. i’m in love with machines
and i’m f-cking with real n-ggas. my n-ggas get busy, you know about hill n-ggas

{verse 2: dimzy}
take a little trip into dimmy’s room
weeds on the ashtray i’m sitting in a foggy room
thinking bout my jail n-ggas
thinking bout the fallen ones that did’nt make it through
seems like money and guns can only take me through (take me through)
but inshallah i’m gonna make it through
its survival of the fittest, who’s the fittest group?
get my zoot from the ash-tray i feel relaxed and cool
same road same sticks new faces (new faces)
new faces become old faces (old faces)
we’re separating cause they slapping us with cases
my little n-ggas looking at a 5 for the gauge ting (mad ting)
many times that i sat in the station
interview room i get the feds irritated
on the real all i’m trying to do is get my cake in
little things got me riding on pagans (riding)
we ain’t new we been out here for ages, i’ve seen how the young g’s grew up to be dangerous (haha, i love them man)
running on your block like its their occupation
i’m setting up fast money arrangements
listen homes i ain’t trying to be cake-less
i said i’m tryna stay broke, free the hood on surveillance
cause we get smokey
and 2 n-gga’s got birded
i swear i couldn’t even smile when i heard it
my little n-gga’s looking at 5, but my next n-gga’s looking at life fam its hurting

- 67