69bars – south bloodline 歌詞


uh, rap witch on black broom
white shoes on, i walk two’s and back
69 bars you can ask who the f-ck is that?
mac donalds and a six pack of minute made
n-gga wait
cl!ck bam n-gga and the trigger late
better buy the fake sh-t coz i’m the one who made it
face it, late on the basics
high and i’m faded so i lean like the matrics
wait make sh-t
run in front of my truck n-gga you might just get hit
i spit rhymes
like old times i lie
to make primes at the finish line
wait dinner time i feed rappers what a misuse
like tpain been screwd chopped up
playin blues i k!ll you with a screw driver
imma happy n-gga with my new shoes
hey you, hi me
you’ll never know i might be
i’ve seen my spleen dead on the mic g
you’re head and the rest gone
puff like my face blown
wait f-ck this sh-t man i’m gone. i’m out

- 69bars