& 6atty – cope (remastered) 歌詞


(main vocals) – (verse 1)
yeah i cannot cope, feeling depressed i’m on my own
no we’re too go i am depressed i’m on my own. (2x)

(verse 2)
sh-t, said it once i cannot cope all on my own, feelings depressed
feeling alone. (2x)

(verse 3)
all by myself no one too hope, tried to tie a rope, yeah that sh-t
don’t help, sat in my room just smoked all my dope. (1x)

(verse 4)
every ten minutes checking my phone, no one hit my line
i just hit a line, i might just f-cking cry

(final verse) – (ending)
smoking this dope, might overdose, feeling depressed, i cannot cope, i’m on my own, sippin’ sterophome, smokin’ up some dope
3 grams of c0ke might overdose, yeah i cannot cope..

- 6atty