6bit – dreamus [reworked] (prod. ? + fflex) 歌詞


woo woo
zoulou zoulou eh
okay okay

[verse 1]
it’s a new rap of 6bit
[?], bite
i f_ck everything, i’m a rabbit
the [?] i have giga_bite (yeah)

my d_ck
is so big
even with gin, i am not a kid
with bags, in the jean
never see (skrrt skrrt)

[verse 2]
i saw, saw, [?]
i take off strongers on nasa
snoop dogg is my twin
i look camless
i have mafia dream
[verse 3]
i dream of a bed, full of money
washed to [?], i would give money
if i could, i [?] you men
i’m a gangster, i hate spider_man
my p_sse is gold
my sh_t is gold
my wap, my wap, my wap is gold (yeah men)

- 6bit