6days – twigs 歌詞


bright lights be gleaming through my window
telling me i’m alive but i know one day ima let go
i’m all chocked up like a child with some strep throat
i’m left all alone like i was always wearing headphones
cuz im the problem child no one took the time to get to know
but what can i say i’m antisocial and i did some dope
so, i just couldn’t cope
nothing numb the pain like that christmas white snow
like beautiful white nikes and these beautiful blonde hoes
mama always told get richer die slow
but i ain’t make buck i ain’t neva did a show
lonely paths of suicide down this wooded road
broken twigs surround me like depression when i ain’t home
i ain’t never had a friend i was always be my lone
even if i did i hate to answer the phone

b-tch f-ck that phone

- 6days