6elementer – crystal water 歌詞


straight to the point, while i roll a joint
6elementer on the track, never disappoint (yeah)
they tryna get us on beef, real sh-t happens
they tryna f-ck with chief, he’s just claping
bout to go slapping each one of y’all, cappin’
i don’t f-ck with y’all (done) i don’t f-ck with y’all rapin’
cheesing like a d-mn rat, gotta do some trapping
going savage on the game, now i’m rektin ’em
b-tch i got a call from nasa themselves
they wanna put my name on the sun itself
’cause of the ice and the gold i have
they say i can shine the world as well
sati on my shirt, gucci on my feet (yeah)
can you feel the flame, can you feel the heat (yeah)
can you feel the gang coming from the streets
can you feel the flow riding on the beat (ye)

can you feel it? can you feel the change?
now i’m lit ’cause i clean my chainz
you call me crazy b-tch,no, i am insane
just to switching lanes
can you feel it now? can you ear the bang?
i use the real sh-t you flexing ching chang
big bang create the universe
100 miles an hour yeah but i’m in reverse
now i’m speed up, in a foreign car
water make me slip but i’m shining like a star
water dip dip water drowning
water slip slip water bouncing

chief can, follow me look at me
god d-mn, look at my jewelry
i’m shinning you can fight with me
i’m trapping i’m trapping like a beast
i’m angry what about feed me
i’m dizzy what about treat me
not scared of the spoke halloween
like a wolf, gobble up a sheep (sheep)
i need water, water on my face (on my face)
i need some water get out of my face (face)
clear water (water)
crystal water (crystal)
i break the water (i brake it) (water water)
(b-tch) i’m magic drown you under water (water water)
look at me i’m harry potter (water water)
look at my bottle with blue water (water water)
bombay sapphire
sapphire ring
omg like a spring

- 6elementer