6fterlife – beamerboyz ++ 歌詞


[verse 1]
i throw hundred’s on my wh0re (ay)
i f_ck so hard she like justin [?] (i’m like b_tch what?)
i’m like lil b_tch you got me bored. boy don’t touch me my berettas in my choir (pew pew pew pew)
my birch [?] (haha) she rock ethica wears designer for fun, (you know my boo)
we both rocking air force ones i don’t kiss those diamonds underneath my gums, but i walked inside with my girl (yeah)
had 20 thousand i just bought that b_tch some pearls (uhm yeah)
but i can’t make no b_tch my world rari’s boys we beamer d_ck [?] (skrt skrt skrt)
she loves me like i’m her dad that b_tch my boo i just cash out when shе gets sad (one hundred fifty thou)
b_tch sit down if you can’t stand (yеah)
i hate bro codes i would rather count my bands…

- 6fterlife