6god66 – xxmissinxx 歌詞


things in my mind they don’t just disappear it doesn’t take a day and it doesn’t take a year, you showed me how to love and there’s nothing i should
fear, you wiped away my past so you wiped away my tears

i thank you i’m grateful your vibe was something like graceful
something i’ve been need so tasteful
everything i saw around me was so hateful thank you

verse 2:
but things never stay the same some people stay together and some
people make mistakes some people fall in love and they do not know
the stakes they don’t know what it takes some
people act so fake so it make you feel like drake

i’ve been losing time cause i’ve been missing the attention you
to listen you’ve been giving you’ve been spending all your time…
nothing was low low low low low
you’re like novacane

i was lost in the world so i’m tryna find the light
i was in the wrong so i’m tryna find the right
i need salvation i need jesus in my life
i found peace but with peace came questions

- 6god66