6host – bad time 歌詞


let’s just have a bad time, you and me
how long is the half life of ecstasy?
we’ll soak in the bath till it’s all empty
uncovering the past like hide and seek
nothing like your parents, you’re a freak
they’re always embarrassed or tongue in cheek
they don’t think you care for the cherry tree
i think it’s better in dirt, buried underneath

if i have to crawl all of the night
i wanna see everything in the light
all that i have is the black and the white
i can’t look back all my memories combined
it’s hard to breathe or i’m not a man
i inhale and hold it as long as i can
there’s something in knowing you’re right where you stand
but i think that’s h_ll and it’s dark here i can’t

if you have to leave just know that we cared
know it’s hard to feel it and that isn’t fair
we’ll do all the healing when you aren’t here
if we have to cry every time that we cheers
rip off the cap and hold out your tongue
all of it’s gone when you’re looking for some
all of the bottles are empty, i’m done
the hardest to swallows the very last one

punished by a purpose and missing yours
mines not any service and living is work
life is never promised and isn’t sure
i can’t visit home without getting hurt
we don’t get along when the timings worst
i feel bad for mom, she held ryan first
everyone has place though, and i was third
3 were in the race, i’m behind the curve

- 6host