6host – final breath 歌詞


[verse 1: 6host]
lost track in my sight
did i hear that right?
can you say it twice?
f-ck, you were so different back
when kristin asked if this would last
i laughed and put her in check
now look who’s a mess
your hands on my neck
i’m screaming upset
inside my empty house
packed our sh-t we’re moving out
moving out
go travel the world
spend all your money
gold, silver and pearls
go get what you think you need
and leave behind your problems
be the person i can’t stand
just like you planned
sip wine on the sand
that lyric you like
but i’m not your man
no all that i am is me
and wouldn’t it be so nice
to have you in my life still
to keep me in the back of your mind
or sleeping on your right still

[verse 2: cøzybøy]
it was a night, just like tonight
breeze in the air, push 105
i was in love, d-mn that sh-t trite
how could you lie?
how could you lie?
and say i’m the one
hop in the car, needed to drive
watching the stars p-ssing me by
f-cked up my mind
you know i’m tired
too tired to fight
said f-ck it i’m done
yeah, said f-ck it i’m done now
no whoa
said f-ck it i’m done
missing that p-ssy and missing your love
hand to my head in the shape of a gun
pulling that trigger like f-ck it i’m done
blood on my sleeve heart on my tongue
yeah, got my heart on my tongue, yeah

- 6host