6host – gifted 歌詞


[verse 1]
how come when i’m not well
n0body’s there to help
i’m tired, eyes hurt i heard
you ask how i’m smiling still
i can’t answer at all
it’s one more brick in the wall
i’ve built i’m guilty till she gets through
trying to prove me wrong
one more drink and i’m gone
maybe its that all along
low health gets worse
my speech gets slurred
i can’t finish the song
i got two more years left
maybe three at best
till i quit end it give in
and lay this sh-t to rest

[verse 2]
i’ll leave my life on the shelf
i don’t blame n0body else
but me you’ll see it’s not so easy
to live that off, i can say it out loud
no need to act like your proud
of me agree that there’s no meaning
so we can stop
it’s nothin’ you haven’t heard
down to the streets from suburbs
no going back i’d rather p-ss
like i was never there
i’ll leave my weed back at home
i won’t need that on the road
my only vice no sleep at night
so i won’t fight the fear

she tells me i’m gifted but i never listen
i always learned to take less than i’m given
i had a vision but can’t make decisions
they never heard half the sh-t that i’ve written
head in my hands so i can’t see the difference
did i have a chance? ’cause i think i missed it
did i have a chance? ’cause i think i missed it
can i have this dance? ’cause i think you’ll miss me

- 6host