6host – homesick 歌詞


[verse 1: k!llstation]
i’m already lost in this place i call home
i never meant to feel this way
but i know i won’t change
you’re still in my brain
i’m cold still i feel insane
i know i need these memories
i keep them safe until i rest in peace

i can’t take this and i’m sick of it
how much longer is this going to go on?
i don’t know how to do anything else
then you better learn, and you better make some money somehow
i will, i will
when? that’s what i want to know, when?
you’ll see, i’ll find a way, maybe today

[verse 2: 6host]
who knows me better than myself?
there’s a hundred ways i’ve felt
always landed on not well
i’ve been putting me through h-ll
car still running on no gas
spending money that i don’t have
keep this up and it won’t last
it’s been a while since i left here
and i’m still banking on next year
lost faith in my old sh-t
took me places, got homesick
you need a minute no time now
too much sh-t on my mind now
caving in but i’ll find out
grab a gl-ss i’m pouring wine out

- 6host