6host – i felt warmer in june 歌詞


isn’t this exciting! i earned this? i wiped tables for it, i steamed milk for it, and it was totally… not worth it

[verse 1]
i found comfort in knowing
there’s nothing coming for me
i think this summer, i’m hung up
i’ve swallowed hundreds of drinks

[verse 2]
might change my number, my lover
don’t know she’s smothering me
my life is colored with covers
and hiding under my dreams

[verse 3]
i’ve been working on myself
all your preaching does not help
hard to eat, can you not tell?
i’m still full of it stop, smell

[verse 4]
all the flowers have bloomed
and they don’t fill up the room
i felt warmer in june
let’s just take best out of two

- 6host