6host – low health 歌詞


[verse 1]
it’s over, you missed it
f-ck i pictured this different
low health i’m addicted
to self help and sickness
but i need all of it to stop
i can’t follow this or top
pick back up where i left off
turn my self in, call the cops
when you’re sober you’ll hate me
don’t come over or make me
i think distance is crucial
and that’s the usual lately
my phones on one
account on none
tank on empty
but it’s tempting to run

[verse 2]
what future? won’t do sh-t
just let me get in my two cents
they’ll break your ankles, “be thankful”
and watch you fall to conclusion
not complaining just folding
and painting pics for the old me
i wish somebody told me
swear the bottoms more lonely
where do we go from here?
do i know you, my dear?
think i’m losing it again
lucy’s forest in a tent
i’m not used to this
i lost views from the sense
said you needed me now
well, where you back then?

- 6host