6host – lush 歌詞


they all sat around, i remember my step-dad
my dad and my mom were trying to fix it
and like they didn’t know what to do
i have that too where i just wanna fix it
and my step-dad just said
he just asked me one question
and he said you know, what is it you feel?
and n0body had ever asked me that
and i really thought about it
i knew exactly how i felt
it felt like i was desperately homesick but i’m home

[verse 1]
useless i know it don’t know where i’m going
pour gas on the bridge, watch it burn in slow motion
get rid of the ash drown my past in the ocean
been foolishly open with no self-controlling
in love, i’m a lush, i’ve been drinking too much
my mother keeps me and my brother in touch
afraid to talk to him, i know i might lose him
wait for good news or some substance abusing

when you’re in it what happens to you?
yeah, i’ve been in the process of
recognizing when i’m starting to spiral
doing something about it
just living through it
the bravery is just in existing

[verse 2]
lock up my hands while i scream at the cops
i’m loaded and floating my way through the block
now i gotta stop
i’ll f-ck up my life on the way to the top
burying my problems, no faith in the talk
laugh at the mirror
pour up a gl-ss, put my past in the rear
of my dirty -ss black automatic mobile
sh-t on the path of my last 20 years
making ends meet while i’m splitting the costs
of my sins with my demons and weed that i bought
smoking it all, i don’t feel a lot
away of my fear in the liquor i wash

- 6host