6ix4ever – repeat 歌詞



in the morning ill call you, ooo
in the morning ill call you, ooo

verse 1

im like so tired i feel heavy
i sit there and you yell at me
i tell you to f-ck off
you say you hate me, in a day you text me
in a day i text you
we make up forget it all


in the morning ill call you, ooo
in the morning ill call you, ooo

verse 2

in about a month its on repeat
jealous bout something you can’t explain
you won’t talk, you won’t talk to me
instead of me trying to fix it i call up my boys and i tell em whats good
i said that we should, i said that id rather be hanging with people that all understood
no need to be mad, you cry in your bed
i feel like an -ss i reach in your crib
i reach for your hand
you make me feel worse i open the door to my house and i slowly walk in
with hands on my head i sit on my couch and i watch t.v i fall asleep i fall asleep
ya, i fall asleep
in the morning ill call you, ooo


i can’t stop i’m on repeat
love gets easy wait and see
i’ve been lacking all my sleep
thinking dreaming bout the past where you now?
where are you now?

verse 3

i can’t fall in love can buy her no diamonds
can’t fall in love can’t buy you an island
got in like nav thats perfect timing
now its time for me to leave and go get me a signing
defjam 1017 now rewind it
can’t buy her louis and gucci medallions
i don’t got time to be spending this sh-t
money and the cash from a 10 hour shift
i just wanna rap never have to flip a pack live life kick back and relax
but i had to get off my -ss, i had to get me the bag i won’t sit here and brag but 64 the young-ins to blast


in the morning ill call you, you, ooo
in the morning ill call you, you, ooo

verse 4

baby we’ve been fighting over dumb sh-t
lately i’ve been wanting you
wanting to call you cause i need you
said your mad well f-ck you
find one more reason just to reach you
find the weed so i can relax
think about the times that we’ve had in the past
think about the sh-t i have done
listen can we just chill i need some time
relax toke up and ease your mind
depression and my obsession for my babys
got me going crazy
thats why i need you, i f-cking need you
so ill call in the morning now its up to you
said you want me, and i want you to
think about it and you shouldn’t have to choose

- 6ix4ever